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MozCon LifeHack: Connect your iPad to the Ethernet

Travelling light like me to MozCon 2015?

My incredibly long trip from Oslo, Norway to Seattle commanded smart packing. So my setup with my trusty iPad Air and keyboard is a no-brainer, don’t want to haul my laptop all the way.

Last year the WiFi performance was so-and-so, so I really appreciate that the fine folks at Moz does something about this by providing Ethernet access. But Ethernet and the iPad isn’t the best option. It just ISN’T an option by Apple’s design.

I could bring my own WiFi-router and hook it up, but that would just be an asshole move. Adding more noise to the whirlpool of waves from all the transmitters already present isn’t the best idea.

I found this excellent article on how to connect an iPad with Ethernet.

Breaking Apple’s rules. :)

Through hooking up a couple of gadgets, you get sweet stable Ethernet connection to your iPad.
mozcon ipad with ethernet
You need the following gear to get this magic working:

  1. A lightning to USB-camera converter
  2. A USB to Ethernet converter
  3. A USB hub with power

You get all this stuff from the nearest Apple store / tech store, just make sure you get a powered hub!

Pretty happy with the performance! 18 mbps download and 76 mbps upload works for me.
ethernet ipad performance

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